The Recap Posts Part 3c:

One of the couple days I got to spend in Portland this visit, I actually got a chance to visit one of the best places in the city.  Powell’s the city of books.  And immediately before that, walked around with family around my grandparents neighborhood and saw an awesome bookstore with books laying outside all for $1 each.  While at powells, I was upstairs in the art book section.  The emptiest part of this book city.  Even some of the aisles were vacant.  And it made me sad.

Some books I wish I could’ve purchased, but I got some good ones.

The Recap Posts Part 3b:

Rural Oregon is pretty awesome.  Where I was at, it was pretty dry.  Objects and animals everywhere.  And then when right before I left OR, I took a picture of Leo’s (my cousins leopard gecko) butt.

The Recap Posts Part 3a:

Earlier this month I spent a week in Oregon and for the first few days, I was on Lake Billy Chinook with my family.  Jumped off a bridge with my siblings and cousins, saw ospreys fishing, saved a bee from drowning.  It was paradise in a desert of Oregon.

Ok last one but i keep having what I think are cool ideas… Which you guys probably think are super annoying at this point… But typing on this thing is too much fun.  But I’m done now

Ok last one but i keep having what I think are cool ideas… Which you guys probably think are super annoying at this point… But typing on this thing is too much fun. But I’m done now

Just bought this Remington Rand 5 last week and this past weekend, I spent a good chunk of my Saturday making a mess with it.  The feed rollers are pretty much shot.  Dried, crusty, flat spots, uneven mess.  Just the worst.  So I hacked that crud off and am getting super crude with the rollers.  Right now it’s just gaffers tape… Trying to figure out a good rubber substitute to use… Going to try layering it with parafilm.  All the keys work and I’m going to get a new ribbon for this sucker soon.  Posts be all typed out with this thang soon.  

Looks nice enough… not the case.  The case is just going to have to go.

I made a camera lucida.  Not a proper camera just yet.  Need to make a way for it to accommodate photosensitive material.  And it needs some tinkering still.  My original was waaaaay too long.  So I’m trimming it.  It’s just mat board and a magnifying glass held together with gaffers tape.

My new key toppers!  Key caps? Key covers?  
For god’s sake, you’re BOXES with LEGS! It is literally your only purpose! Walking onto buttons! How can you not do the one thing you were designed for?

The Recap Posts Part 2:

The summer is one of the busiest times of year for everyone.  For me it’s because one of my favorite sports is getting into high gear in the Chicago area.

Just a quick thang, blading has not been the most popular of extreme sports since the 90s, and to the mainstream, if you didn’t know anyone that blades, you’d think it was dead.  But it’s not!  at ALL!  It’s not mainstream by any means in the US but it’s definitely not dead.  But the name of the sport has gone from roller blading, aggressive inline skating, to some other one names i didn’t particularly like, and now is referred to as “blading”.  So when you see me refer to the sport as “blading”, it’s because that’s how it is in the community.

The Chicago blade scene is one of the healthiest communities for blading in the US.  And in the summer, one the longest running, biggest street competitions occurs.  The Windy City Riot.  In order to put on the event, a number of fund raiser competitions in the midwest happen every Sat from the beginning of summer until the Riot to produce the prize money for the winners.  It’s a completely community run event.  And this year I was an official photographer for the event and as many fund raiser comps as I could get to.  I took over 8,000 pictures over the course of the day and managed to edit it down to around 80 pics.  Here are my favorite highlights of this years Windy City Riot. 

The Recap Posts Part 1:

In June, as you may know already, I paid a visit to one of my best friends in Nashville.  And while I was there, one day I photographed his desk, went to the American Pickers Store, Went to Third Man Records, and went to the Johnny Cash Museum.  Not in that order, but I remember it to be all in one day.  A collection of my friends stuff on his desk, a collection of found stuff for sale, and two different musicians personal stuff: one dead, one alive; one personally curated among personal merchandise, the other collectables for viewing only.

All these collections… and I found the Johnny Cash Museum the most peculiar.  I’m a fan of Cash.  So it was neat to see but I’m not one to visit museums that serve as memorials to famous influential figures.  Not that I’m opposed or anything… I just don’t usually.  This experience got me really thinking about the collectable and the memorabilia.  The other kind of museum.   The kind that isn’t kept for study.  The collection that serves as a reminder of the person who managed to influence culture on a grander scale.  As if holding on to the physical remnants of his life can somehow get us closer to understanding and unlocking the powers of his influence and fame.  

A different kind of collection for a different kind of museum.

…there was still film in his camera.  I want to develop it. italics make these thoughts more creepy looking.